We are your executive partner for the circular waste management
Our experts provide you with our proven methodology to help you achieve your decarbonisation and ESG goals and comply with applicable regulations.
Our solutions:
  • We are not just another consulting firm. Our work does not end when we help adapt existing processes or define goals. We provide on-site support, come to your facilities and train all staff to ensure proper execution.
  • We analyse the data for you so you know if you are meeting your planning or if there are deviations from your goals
  • We connect you to the entire value chain
  • Our solutions focus on the practicality and feasibility of execution
  • We validate your best practises with our “Valorise” and “Recycle” seals.
Our services:
  • We prepare the waste management study and plan.
  • We develop the waste management protocol in the production centre.
  • We implement the training plan for the managerial and technical teams.
  • We coordinate the relationships with the waste management companies.
  • We analyse the data collected in our 360º consultant platform and provide you with recommendations for action.

Commission the services you need or a “turnkey” service backed by our seals of approval:

Implementation of waste management methodology with management support throughout the process. The Valoriza seal certifies the percentage of waste recovery achieved and guarantees that the minimum legal requirements are exceeded.

Development of systems, products and solutions that avoid the generation of waste. The Recicla seal certifies the percentage of waste avoided and/or reintroduced into the production centre or production system.

Metodología de certificación auditada y avalada por la certificadora

The certification methodology is reviewed and approved by the certifier

Our support service is also perfect to help you achieve the most demanding environmental certifications, develop innovative circular solutions involving the entire value chain, pass external audits, prepare environmental justifications or obtain public funding or NextGenerationEU grants.
We also work for the public sector
Multiply your benefits, create opportunities
  • Adapt your processes to the requirements of the new Waste Act 7/2022 and avoid penalties.
  • Lead the change, be a pioneer and achieve excellence in circular economy process innovation.
  • Devote your time and effort to your core business
  • Increase your business volume by bidding for tenders and customers that were previously out of your reach.
  • Facilitate your access to green financing and green investments
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