360º advisor, the magic data of waste

Our artificial intelligence-based 360º advisor platform enables you to achieve your decarbonisation goals by adopting circular waste management. Save time and optimise costs

Our solution for your waste

Make informed decisions

Access the most comprehensive database on the market and compare all waste management players according to economic, sustainability and compliance criteria.

Track in real time

Avoid financial penalties. Receive alerts when you are at risk of non-compliance. Know your impact, benchmark against your sector average and get actionable levers to achieve your decarbonisation goals.

Get help from artificial intelligence.

Get traceability data on your waste without it being time-consuming.

Manage data, not delivery notes

Where you used to have documents, you now have data that allows you to get real-time metrics with our Magic Data.

Multiply your profits,
generate opportunities
  • Earn bonus points for green seals, ISOs and other official certifications
  • Get access to sustainable financing and green loans
  • Accelerate the achievement of your decarbonisation, sustainability and ESG goals
  • Increase your competitive advantage and create new innovation pathways by connecting with other players in the value chain
  • Build trust through data transparency and strengthen your company’s reputation through the positive impact it generates.
  • Stay ahead of regulations. With 360º advisor, you have the peace of mind that you are always compliant with the latest regulations and have no legal worries or surprises.

360º advisor in numbers

Types of waste
Flows mapped
Find out where your company is
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